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India Jazz Lounge Music

An electro Jazz lounge music with spices of middle east and India sounds. Percussions and exotic instruments mixed with an electro groove and a bit of jazzy piano, this song will give you a sexy and peaceful ambience. ;)

Thievery Corporation, Kruder, Tosca, Morcheeba, Zero 7 influence…Loop version included.

Also included an “International” alternative version, without the Indian Sitar, less exotic, more classic, but always “sexy” ;).

Tracks Included.
-India Jazz Lounge Music: 3:00 (0 to 3:00 in the Preview)
-International Jazz Lounge Music: 3:00 (3:01 to 6:01 in the Preview)
-India Jazz Lounge Music Loop: 0:38 (6:02 to 6:40 in the Preview)

All in WAV and MP3 format.

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Bit Rate 320 kbps
Sample Rate 16-Bit Stereo, 44.1 kHz
Tempo (BPM) 100